The Room Two

The worldwide hit, "The Room", returns in "The Room Two"


Free (Contains in-app purchase item)


Escape Game (Mystery)


Free (Contains in-app purchase item)


Escape Game (Mystery)


Free (Contains in-app purchase item)


Escape Game (Mystery)


Free (Contains in-app purchase item)


Escape Game (Mystery)

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Free (Contains in-app purchase item)

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Escape Game (Mystery)

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The long-awaited sequel to the game that was downloaded by over 3m fans across Asia!

The Room Two is the second in the series of the world’s most acclaimed mobile puzzle-adventure games. Designed from the ground up for smartphones and tablets, The Room Two continues where its predecessor left off, utilizing cutting-edge 3D graphics, multi-touch and other features to craft the most beautiful, the most immersive escape game imaginable. The Room (Asia) was launched in June 2015 and was downloaded by over 3m users across Asia. These fans can now enjoy the The Room Two (Asia), which will take them back into the haunting world of The Room… The player finds themselves following the clues left by a famous but mysterious scientist, “AS”, who disappeared while researching the mythical “Null” element. By solving each puzzle, the player gets closer to the truth, and to freedom. This sequel to the The Room is larger and includes more challenges and puzzles that its predecessor, while retaining the multiple award-winning visuals and atmosphere which made The Room a worldwide hit.


– Winner of multiple awards, including Apple’s Best of 2013 Awards, nominated for BAFTA 2014, PocketGamer iOS Game of the Year, CNET Editor’s Choice.
– Designed for touch devices, the intuitive touch interface lets the player manipulate objects in the game as though they were really there.
– Simple but powerful in-game controls allow players of all experience levels to immediately enter and enjoy the game.
– Best in class, full 3D graphics puts the player right inside the game. Explore rooms and objects from all angles, uncovering new clues and solving challenging puzzles.
– Atmospheric music and sound effects envelope the player, taking them deeper and deeper into the world of “The Room”.

A message from Barry Meade, Director of Fireproof Games, developer of The Room series – to fans in Asia:

“After the great success of The Room last year, Fireproof Games is very happy to once again join with Chorus Worldwide to release our award-winning sequel, The Room Two, across Asia. We hope that players of the first game will appreciate this much bigger, more mysterious addition to the series, and that new players will discover why the game is so beloved by everyone who plays it. Lastly we wish that gamers enjoy playing it as much as we enjoyed making it.”

Play in YOUR language!

The Room Two (Asia) is fully localized into Japanese, Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), Korean, and also playable in the original English. Read all the letters left by the mysterious “AS”, use the clues to solve the puzzles, experience the full rich experience of The Room Two by playing it in your own language. If you like this game, why don’t you check out some other great games from the West. At Chorus Worldwide, we look for exciting and interesting titles developed in Europe and North America and deliver them to Asian audiences in fully localized and culturalized versions. Check out our website for our full line-up.

[Differences from the original version]
– Fully localized into Japanese, Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), Korean. Also playable in the original English.
– Due to issues reported in the original game, iCloud support has been removed from the iOS version.

– Original game required purchase before download. This version is free to download and play until Chapter 2 (purchase of the Full Game Unlock is required to enjoy the rest of the game). – Optimizations and bug fixes.

Free Until Chapter 2

After installing, The Room Two will be free to play until Chapter 2. At this point, you will need to purchase the “Unlock Full Game” to play through to the end. After purchasing, you will be able to play the rest of the game uninterrupted – no further purchases, and no ads. Please Note: We are unable to recognize previous purchases of The Room Two in English against this version. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

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