Goblin Defenders

An unholy alliance between goblin and man is our only hope! Introducing an all-new type of Tower Defense!

Goblin Defenders (previously known as Goblin Defenders 2 in Western Territories) is a Tower Defense game from Russian Publisher, Alawar, and Developer, Red Machine.


Free (with in-app purchases)


Tower Defense


Free (with in-app purchases)


Tower Defense


Free (with in-app purchases)


Tower Defense


Free (with in-app purchases)


Tower Defense

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Free (with in-app purchases)

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Tower Defense

English Voice & Text. Japanese, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Korean Text.

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Join forces with filthy goblins to defend your home and send your enemies packing!

Mankind is under attack from the hordes of darkness. Evil forces trample upon our cities and villages, sending wave upon relentless wave of eneimes against our helpless people. Desperate, and on the verge of defeat, we must turn to the only help left. Once, they were our sworn enemies. But now, they are our only hope. Greedy and disgusting, they are expert engineers and ferocious warriors. They live for gold and thrive on battle. Now, we must turn to the Goblins as our last chance to save mankind and rid the world of this evil. Heaven help us all!

Game Features

Goblin Defenders is an intense tower defence game, pitting the player against waves of enemy attacks as you defend your bases across 60 levels. The game is 100% free-to-play, and offers in-app purchasing to enhance your enjoyment.
* 60 levels across 4 worlds!
* Special Heroes capable of turning the tide of the battle! Level them up for greater power!
* 6 types of different towers and multiple options for improvement!Special Airborne Goblin Squad (S.A.G.S) is always ready to help!
* Special hero-training center! * Playable in Japanese, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, and Korean

Test your skills in Arena Mode

Arena Mode offers players an opportunity to pit their skills against players around the world. Survive as many waves of enemies as you can, using all the towers, tower upgrades, heroes, and special abilities as you can, and fight your way to the top of the leaderboard!

Upgrade your troops at the Base Camp

What sets Goblin Defenders apart from other TD games is the ability to upgrade your troops to create your very own army. From heroes, to goblin airborne troops, to defensive towers, upgrade and customize all of these using the materials found on the battlefield and build your unique army for use in the Campaign or Arena Mode.

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