Glyph Quest Chronicles Closed Beta



About Glyph Quest Chronicles

Welcome, Adventurer, to The Chronicles of The Quest for The Glyph!
Or as we call it, Glyph Quest Chronicles.

Glyph Quest Chronicles is the 3rd in the series of Glyph Quest games from the delightful indie developers, We Heart Dragons. Never heard of them, you say? That’s because they’ve only just started to use this name, and released their 2 previous Glyph Quest under Alex Trowers, one half of We Heart Dragons.
The other – far more important – half is Leanne Bayley. Between the two of them (he doing the code, she doing the art, both of them arguing over the design), they’ve been making games for over 30 years and Glyph Quest Chronicles is their latest game. And now, you’re in a position to play it BEFORE ANYONE ELSE (well, apart from a handful of people that have been helping out).

Glyph Quest Chronicles is set in a magical land which has no name because, frankly, names of magical lands always sound stupid. However, in this land, lies the town of Helmstone. This is your home base and its many (well, 6) shops and buildings house all the equipment and knowledge you’ll need to accomplish your quest. And what is this quest? To explore strange new lands, to seek out new life, to boldly go where no mage has gone before. Oh, and to kill all that new life you find in a bid for adventure, treasure, knowledge, treasure, heroism, and treasure.

Honestly, you are the good guy. We promise.

Once you’ve chosen your mage, it’s up to you to venture into the lands of the unknown to battle all creatures great and small. From lowly rats, to fearsome dragons, and some weird slimy and feathery things in between, you will tame the mysterious lands and bring peace to the realm. But mostly treasure to your coffers.

To combat the dastardly and motley crew of creatures that await you, your mage will be equipped with powerful glyphs, Using these to cast different spells, enemies far and wide will fall before you. At first though, you are a lowly, weak, frankly pathetic figure, able only to cast 2 and 3 glyph spells. Fortunately, the land-that-has-no-name progresses with the most puny foes closest to Helmstone, and the most ferocious further away. Using this quirk of geographic population dispersal to your advantage, you will be able to use the spoils from your early successes to power up your mage, and take on ever more powerful beasties.

Sure is lucky that the creatures are laid out this way, right?

For more information about the game, ogle the trailer, marvel at the screenshots, and delight in the beautifully written Q&A that follows. Then, give us your name (which can actually be anything, so why not go for something like Questy McQuestFace?) and an email address (this should be real or we won’t be able to send you the lovely invitation), and you’ll be registered to take part in this EXCLUSIVE closed beta. What’s more, it’s FREE. Yes, FREE! Frankly, you have nothing to lose!

And if you don’t take part, we’ll set the slimy, feathery things on you.

About The Closed Beta

You are about to register for the Closed Beta of Glyph Quest Chronicles, the exciting new chapter in the Glyph Quest series.
To take part, please read the following Q&A to make sure you understand what the Closed Beta is and how you can take part.

+What is a Closed Beta?

A Closed Beta is a way for a limited number of players to play a game before its release. This is a fun way to get the game before anyone else, but also helps the developer to make improvements to the game before it comes out.

+OK, so what is Glyph Quest Chronicles?

Glyph Quest Chronicles is the third instalment of the popular Glyph Quest series. Glyph Quest was first released in early 2014, and was the brainchild of Alex Trowers and Leanne Bayley, experienced indie-game developers, based in the UK. The games are puzzle RPGs, where the player will take their character on a series of quests to meet – and defeat – many fabulous and mythical creatures, using puzzles to cast increasingly more powerful spells. As you play the game, your character earns experience points and becomes more and more powerful, casting bigger and better magic.

+So it’s an RPG then?

Yes, but it’s designed for mobile, and the heart of the game is the Glyph board. Here, you will choose from the available glyphs to cast your spells. At first, you will only be able to cast 2 and 3 glyph spells, but as you become more powerful, you will be able to cast up to 6 glyphs for super powerful spells you can only dream of at the beginning. Also, after a little bit of play, you will be able to cast Combos allowing you to combine Glyphs to cast an even greater variety of spells.

+Kind of like a Match 3?

Kind of, but with much more depth. OK, if we need to get into this, let me explain. There are 8 Glyph types, arranged in pairs: Fire & Water, Earth & Air, Primal & Arcane, Light and Dark. The easiest spells to cast are the “matching” variety – 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 of Fire, for example (each will cast a different spell). You can start to chain these, so after you cast a Fire spell, cast another one, and your chain begins. Now, your spells become more powerful: the longer the chain, the more powerful the spell. But what if you’ve used up all the Fire on the board? Then, you can cast a Reversal, by switching to its opposite – in this case, Water. Reversals do huge damage, and also allow you to start a new chain with that Glyph Type.

+Hmm, OK, so it’s all about matching Glyphs?

Sure, until you get powerful enough and unlock Combos. Combos allow you to cast in pairs, for example casting Water, Earth, Water, Earth will cast the Mudslide spell. And now, you can start a chain with either Water or Earth. This makes Combos and Reversals easier, and adds a whole new level of strategy and planning to your spell-casting.

+Sounds pretty cool. So I can test this thing? Does that mean it’s really buggy?

Not at all. In fact, it’s in a pretty close-to-final state. But we really want to get it into people’s hands to see if we haven’t missed anything huge before we launch.

+How can I send feedback?

There’s a link inside the game. This will take you to a site, much like this one, to let us know of any bugs you’ve found, tell us what you think of the game, or just send us all a nice message.

+I’m sold. What’s this going to cost me?

Nothing. Nada. Zip. Both the Closed Beta, and the final game, will be Free to play. Of course, because the developers need to eat, sleep, buy clothes, occasionally catch a movie together (they’re a couple, by the way), they’re hoping that players will get so immersed they’ll want to buy some of the stuff available in the game for real money. But as a beta tester, everything is completely free – even the stuff that’ll cost real money in the end. You can’t say fairer than that!

+Hmm, what kind of stuff are you going to be selling? I’m suspicious now.

Let’s be clear – you can start and finish the whole game and pay absolutely nothing. Not even see a single ad. But for those who want to get a bit more out of the game, you’ll be able to buy coins to spend on getting more materials to upgrade your outfit, upgrade spells so they do more damage, replenish your stamina bar so you can play more games in one sitting, that sort of thing.

+That seems pretty standard these days. Well, what device do I need?

For this Closed Beta, you’ll need an iOS device – sorry, we’re not doing an Android Closed Beta this time around, although the game will be available on Android. Any device that supports iOS 10 will be fine. You can see Apple’s list here:

+When is this going to start?

We’re planning to start in December, but don’t have an exact date yet. Once you have the game, you can play it for 30 days. To download it, you’ll get notified by something called TestFlight when it’s available.

+TestFlight? What’s that?

That’s Apple’s app testing service. It’s an app in itself, and you can download it now from here:

+So now what do I do?

Pretty simple. We just need your First Name, Last Name, and email address. This doesn’t have to be the same as your Apple ID. Just so long as you regularly check the email address you give us, it’ll be fine. Even your first and last names don’t need to be real – we just need something to put in! You’ll get the invitation to join the Closed Beta there. Click on the link, it’ll prompt you to download TestFlight if you haven’t already. Once it’s downloaded, open up the TestFlight app, and you’ll be able to download the game once it’s ready.

+Cool, that all sounds pretty easy. One last thing – will my progress in this version be carried over to the full game when it’s released?

We can’t do that, sadly. You’ll have to start from the beginning again, but hey, think of it as a second chance!

Thanks for reading all that (if you actually did)! Now, just fill in the simple form below, and you’re on your way to being the first to play the all-new Glyph Quest Chronicles!